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Relax, Refresh, Revitalize

welcome to our sacred haven, a space to remember the real you



Welcome to our holistic sanctuary, nested in the

West Dorset village of South Perrott.

Ed Wright BSc Lic Ac MBAA MBAF

Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Ayre Lana

Naturopathic Healing with Nutrition,

Hydrothermal Clays & Botanicals

Pressure Point Massage



Ancient Chinese wisdom to bring, balance, harmony & fluidity to the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies


Our nutritional consultations are a time of listening, for us both to receive your feelings of how you relate to food; your daily rituals, routines and creative expressions.

Clay Spa Ceremony

A heavenly relaxation treatment that gently nourishes and detoxifies the body with mineral rich warm clays, precious essential oils & exfoliating oceanic salts

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Specialised botanical & oil massage, inspired by Ayurvedic and yoga massage treatments for whole body, mind and spirit well-being. 

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