After trialing many methods of preparing clays over the years, we have found the following technique to be the simplest and most effective: 

  • Pour purified water up to one third full, into a kiln clip type jar.

  • Follow by adding your clay: using a wooden spoon to scoop the clay into the jar until the jar is now two thirds full. To help to evenly distribute the clay into the water, give the jar an occasional swirl.
    (A wooden spoon is preferred by the clay as any contact activated wet clay has with metal can effect the delicate ionic charge of the clay).  

  • Leave the mixture to stand at room temperature for at least 12 hours. Any lumps will slowly dissolve into the mixture during this time. 

When clay is mixed in a 1:1 ratio, as above, it is easy to use in the shower or as a facial wash, in place of soap and it will create the coverage shown in the picture of the treatment. 

To create a thicker & stiffer mask as is featured in the little pot, follow the same technique as above with the addition of extra clay, creating a 1:1.25 ratio mix (one part water to 1.25 parts clay)

Clay can stay on the skin for as little as a minute, if you are simply using it as a soap substitute in the shower or for as long as 20 minutes if a deeper cleanse is required.


It is recommended to apply either coconut, sesame or argan oil following a clay treatment to help the skin to stay well moisturised.